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Choosing the Best Antlers for Your Beloved Canine Friend

As a dog owner, you always want to give the best of everything to your furry companion, and this includes choosing the best antlers for your pooch. Antlers have become a popular chew toy for dogs because they are natural, long-lasting, and don’t break as easily as other types of toys.

Why Are Antlers Good for Dogs?

Antlers are a fantastic choice for dogs because they are a natural source of essential minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, and zinc. These minerals can help to promote healthy bones and teeth in dogs. Antlers are also a great way to satisfy your dog’s natural desire to chew, which can help to prevent destructive behavior, promote healthy teeth and gums, and relieve stress.

Types of Antlers for Dogs

When it comes to choosing antlers for your four-legged friend, there are several factors to consider. Here are the different types of antlers for dogs that you can choose from:

Elk Antlers

Elk antlers are one of the most popular antlers for dogs because they are usually larger than other types of antlers, which makes them great for heavy chewers. They are also less likely to splinter, making them a safer option for dogs who love to chew.

Deer Antlers

Deer antlers are another fantastic choice for dogs. Deer antlers are softer than other antlers, making them a great option for older dogs or dogs with sensitive teeth. They are also a good choice for smaller dog breeds because they come in smaller sizes.

Moose Antlers

Moose antlers are the largest antlers available for dogs. Due to their size, they are great for larger dog breeds that enjoy heavy chewing. However, they can also be a bit tougher for dogs to chew on compared to elk and deer antlers.

Split Antlers

Split antlers are antlers that have been cut in half lengthwise. This exposes the inner marrow, making them an enticing chew option for dogs. Split antlers are also a great option for dogs who are picky chewers because they tend to be more flavorful than whole antlers.

How to Choose the Best Antlers for Your Dog

Choosing the best antlers for your dog can be challenging. Here are some tips to help you choose the right antlers for your furry friend:

Consideration Tip
Size Choose an antler that is the appropriate size for your dog to prevent choking hazards.
Age Consider your dog’s age and choose an antler that is appropriate for their chewing style and health needs.
Chewing Style Choose an antler that matches your dog’s chewing style. Some dogs may prefer softer antlers, while others may enjoy the challenge of harder antlers.
Quality Make sure to choose antlers from reputable sources to ensure that they are of high quality and free of any harmful chemicals or bacteria.

The Benefits of Using Antlers for Dogs as Chew Toys

Using antlers as chew toys for dogs comes with a host of benefits. Apart from satisfying your dog’s natural urge to chew, here are some of the benefits of using antlers for your dog:

  • They are natural and chemical-free.
  • They help promote healthy teeth and gums.
  • They are long-lasting, so you don’t have to keep replacing them.
  • They can help relieve stress and anxiety in dogs.
  • They are eco-friendly.


Choosing the best antlers for your dog can be a challenging task, but with careful consideration of your dog’s needs, preferences, and chewing habits, you can find the perfect antlers for your beloved furry friend. Antlers are a natural, long-lasting, and beneficial chew toy for dogs, and they can provide numerous benefits that other toys can’t. So, why not give your dog the gift of antlers and let them enjoy the many benefits that they offer?

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