Alexandrite Cats Eye

Alexandrite Cats Eye: A Rare Mineral with Unique Qualities and Benefits

Alexandrite Cats Eye is one of the rarest minerals globally, making it a highly sought-after stone in the jewelry industry. Its hue and exceptional luster are what makes it unique. It boasts of a delightful combination of green and orange tones that changes based on the type of light; it appears greenish-yellow in natural light and an orange-brown under incandescent light. In this article, we explore the qualities, uniqueness, usage in jewelry, and many benefits of wearing Alexandrite Cats Eye.


Alexandrite Cats Eye has a hardness of 8.5, making it ideal for various jewelry-making purposes. Its resistance to breakage or cracking is due to the absence of a specific cleavage or fracture plane. Even if the stone breaks, the pieces will be relatively large, so they can still be used during repair works. However, faceting the gemstone into a different size or shape may cause a significant loss in quality and its beautiful luster. Due to its loose nature, setting Alexandrite Cats Eye requires expertise to avoid damaging the stone. It is advisable to set it in gold or platinum, which best suits the stone’s beauty.

What Makes it Special

The rarity of Alexandrite Cats Eye makes it challenging to find in Jewelry, as it is scarce and costly. Featuring a range of colors from light yellow to dark brown, Alexandrite Cats Eye appears most prevalent in greenish-yellow, complete with flashes of emerald green when reflecting light. The mineral’s unique quality lies in its ability to change color according to the illumination. This mineral undergoes a color shift from greenish-yellow to orange-brown, depending on light. When exposed to heat, it loses its lustre, and the effect is permanent. Therefore, handling of jewelry made with this gemstone should be done with utmost care to maintain its beauty and value.

Usage in Jewelry

Alexandrite Cats Eye, being fragile, is typically set in gold or platinum depending on the type of setting and color of the gemstone. The purple-like color that it also boasts makes it an excellent substitute for amethyst in any jewelry piece where needed. Alexandrite Cats Eye comes in various sizes, with smaller ones being more common while larger ones are available for those who prefer the size.


Wearing Alexandrite Cats Eye has several benefits to the wearer. In addition to positive emotional and psychological effects such as increased creativity and passion, concentration, and promoting a favorable outlook on life, the gemstone has several health benefits attributed to its use.

As one of the most powerful healing stones globally, Alexandrite Cats Eye affects the respiratory and heart systems, relieving symptoms such as asthma, chest congestion shortness of breath and anxiety, and stress. This precious gemstone attracts positive energy, offering purification and protection, making it perfect for people working in hospice care, teachers, and musicians. For people suffering from arthritis, wearing this mineral can relieve pain and reduce inflammation. Additionally, many people find that wearing Alexandrite Cats Eye allows them to see better during high-dynamic activities such as driving or playing music. The mineral even assists in wound healing, cuts, and burns.

Table: Qualities of Alexandrite Cats Eye

| Traits | Description |
|Hardness| 8.5|
|Cleavage/Fracture Plane| Not specific|
|Durability| Quite durable|
|Breakage/Cracking| Highly resistant|
|Faceting| Loses luster and quality when faceted|
|Looseness| Requires expertise during setting|
|intended Setting| Gold or Platinum|

Table: Benefits of Wearing Alexandrite Cats Eye

| Health Benefit | Positive Effect |
| Respiratory Aid | Relieving shortness of breath, asthma, and chest congestion |
| Emotional Support| Alleviating anxiety, stress, increasing creativity and promoting positivity|
| Natural Healing | Relief for arthritis symptoms, wound healing, cuts, and burns |
| Improved Vision | Enhanced visual ability during high-dynamic activities |

In Conclusion

Alexandrite Cats Eye is a rare mineral that poses many positive benefits to the person wearing jewelry made with it, from relieving respiratory and arthritis symptoms to emotional support, including anxiety and stress relief. Its rarity makes it costly, so it’s essential to consider the cost when making a purchase. Additionally, the stone is delicate, and exposure to air can cause loss of exceptional luster. Despite these precautions, nothing compares to its unique beauty, which boasts of majestic flashes of emerald green under light that leaves admirers spellbound.

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