Wine Aerators

The best way to let your wine breathe is with a wine aerator. These aerators allow air to mix with your wine while its being poured and help bring out all the lovely flavors of your wine.

Without one of these fantastic aerators, it can take as long as an hour to let your wine breathe properly. Here are a few aerators to help you enjoy your next red wine even more:

Vinturi Aerator

Vinturi has three different ways for you to use an aerator to enjoy your next glass of red wine.

The Vinturi Essential is the main part of any Vinturi aerator set. Just hold this aerator over a glass and pour.

The aerator allows just the right amount of air in to instantly enhance your wine.

This Vinturi aerator comes with a no-drip stand for easy storage. Both the aerator and stand are dishwasher safe.

As you inspect your Vinturi aerator, you may notice some small folds along the side. These are from the manufacturing process and are completely normal.

This aerator is used by many wineries in Napa and Sonoma to give guests the ultimate tasting experience.

Vinturi Deluxe

The Vinturi Deluxe aerator set features the Vinturi Essential, plus a tower and stand to hold the aerator.

Simply put your glass into the stand and pour your wine through the Vinturi aerator.

With this aerator you can concentrate more on how you fill your glass and do not need to worry about balancing your aerator properly as well.

All parts of this aerator are dishwasher safe.

You can also purchase the tower separately from the aerator.

Vinturi Travel Aerator

The Vinturi Travel Aerator is a smaller version of the Vinturi Essential Aerator.

It comes in a sturdy case so you can take it to a restaurant or while traveling.

Both Vinturi aerators have a filter screen to filter sediment and cork out of your wine. The filter may need to be replaced after some time. They are available in packs of five.


Metrokane offers you two aerators: the Metrokane Rabbit wine Aerating Pourer and the Metrokane Rabbit Swish wine aerator.

The Rabbit Wine Aerating Pourer is very easy to use.

Simply insert the aerator into the bottle and pour. Your wine will swirl through the aerator before reaching your glass.

This Rabbit aerator separates easily for cleaning. Metrokane recommends hand washing.

The Rabbit Swish Aerator is just as easy to use. This aerator fits on top of your glass.

When you pour your wine, the unique design aerates your wine quickly and easily.

This aerator should be washed by hand.

Soiree Wine Aerator

The Soiree bottle-top decanter and aerator fits in any bottleneck, just like the Metrokane Rabbit pourer.

This aerator has a unique design, it looks similar to a large bubble that you attach to your wine bottle.

The wine mixes with the air insde the aerator to bring out the best in your red wine.

The Soiree aerator includes a stand for starge. For best results, this aerator should be washed by hand.


The Trudeau Aroma Aerator is another aerating pourer. This aerator is made of Tritan plastic, the sturdiest plastic that is also BPA-free.

The Trudeau aerator comes with its own stand for storage.

This aerator is also easy to clean: Just remove the spash guard and you have easy access to the inside of the wine aerator.

Cork Pops VinOair

The Nicholas VinOair is another aerator that fits into a bottleneck. The design of this aerator acts also as a drip stopper.

Cork Pops recommends that you handwash this aerator with warm water.


The Norpro aerator acts also as a pourer.

This aerator has a unique curved design that directs the wine through the aerator and into your glass. The Norpro aerator also comes with a storage stand and an extra gasket to ensure the proper fit into any wine bottle.

The Sharper Image

The Sharper Image also has a wine aerator. This aerator sits on your glass when you pour. It features a no-slip rubber around the bottom so it will work on any size glass so you will not risk it slipping and causing spills.

The Sharper Image aerator also comes with a no-slip storage stand.

Concluding Thoughts

One way to fully appreciate how your new wine aerator enhances your wine is to try a small glass of aerated wine along with another glass poured straight from the bottle. Then you can really taste the difference of how infusing air into your wine elevates your enjoyment.