A Business Opportunity That Allows You to Control Your Destiny

The Selfie Station: A Lucrative Investment Opportunity for Small Business Owners in Arizona

More than 600,000 new businesses are created annually. Each individual has their own reason for starting a small business. If you’re one of these individuals, you’re probably looking for an investment idea that promises great returns and immediate profits. Well, look no further. The Selfie Station might be the perfect vehicle to create a small business in Arizona that yields significant returns.

Take Control of Your Destiny

The primary reason entrepreneurs want to control their own business is because they desire to take control of their destiny. Most business owners are Type A personalities. They love making crucial decisions, and being in charge of their environment. One business owner stated that he likes having his own money at risk. Small business owners enjoy taking risks and reaping substantial rewards for their excellent decisions.

The Selfie Station provides freedom to small business owners to take control of their destiny. It is an entire photo booth system with a state-of-the-art design. What sets it apart from traditional photo booths is that it’s an open-air unit. This means that people can snap photos without requiring to walk into a confined and uncomfortable booth. Its sleek and modern design reminds many users of a large scale smartphone. It stands 65 inches tall and 18 inches wide, big enough to draw attention but still subtle enough not to detract from the event.

Investing in Selfie Station gives you an instant feeling of taking control of your business journey. You decide when and where you want to work and who your clients will be. If you need more income, you can book additional events. Conversely, if you need some time away from work, you have full autonomy to decide not to schedule any event. Working with the Selfie Station gives you flexibility. Some owners only work during weekends, while others opt to work just one or two days monthly. The decision is entirely in their hands. They have total control of their destiny.

Choose Who You Want to Work With

The freedom to choose who you work with is a key factor that attracts entrepreneurs to run a business. The Selfie Station takes this freedom to an entirely new level. Owners can hire people to work with them and monitor the booth on events like weddings or company meetings. Alternatively, you can opt to operate it solo. Running, operating, and transporting the Selfie Station unit is a one-person job.

The Selfie Station comes with a 32-inch interactive touch screen monitor. It educates users on how to use the product. Therefore owners spend minimal effort standing by the unit, drawing people’s attention to it, and answering any questions potential clients may have.

Take Risks and Reap Rewards

The desire to work hard and make something out of themselves is a common trait among entrepreneurs. This mentality is what pushes them to take the risk and reap rewards.

Fortunately, investing in a Selfie Station does not constitute a substantial financial risk because of its low initial investment cost. The unit starts at $6,995, a small price to pay considering the possible returns on investment. In under30 days, the unit arrives at your doorstep, fully operational right out of the box. As long as you book events, the unit will generate profit for itself. For instance, Photo Booth rentals in media market areas costs around $600 per event on average, which represents a fair and conservative estimate. This means that after only 12 events, all the money you invested in the unit would be recouped. From then onwards, any bookings or rentals you do will translate to immediate profits, thus mitigating any potential risks.

Photo opportunities are an integral aspect of modern-day events. People love taking snapshots of themselves sharing, sending emails, or printing pics to serve as reminders of events they attended. The Selfie station provides all of these services and more by being a customizable, state-of-the-art photo booth. The potential for financial growth depends on how much effort an owner puts into advertising and getting bookings. The Selfie Station provides earnings, flexibility, and satisfactory entertainment that’s suitable for individuals aiming to scale their business in Arizona.

Investing in Selfie Station is a wise decision because it is not only profitable but also suits entrepreneurs who want to be their own bosses. It has a trendy design that fits all types of events, making it versatile for all sorts of clients. Take advantage of this lucrative investment opportunity by purchasing your Selfie Station unit today!

Table showing Expenses Associated with Buying a Selfie Station

Expenses Cost
Basic cost of the selfie station $6,995
Shipping cost $395-$995
Taxes and Duties Varies with country/state regulations
Insurance Cover Between $200 and $500 per year
Maintenance repairs $700/year

Table showing Earnings Potential of Owning a Selfie Station

No. of. Event Bookings Earning per event Total Earnings
12 $600 $7,200
24 $600 $14,400
36 $600 $21,600
48 $600 $28,800
60 $600 $36,000

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