27Pcs Car Detailing Brush Set for Interior, Exterior, and Wheels

27Pcs Car Detailing Brush Set for Interior, Exterior, and Wheels

Price: $28.99
(as of Mar 31,2023 09:32:20 UTC – Details)

to easily and efficiently clean your car, leaving it looking like it just rolled off the showroom floor. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our Professional Car Detailing accessories – the perfect addition to any car enthusiast’s collection.

Our Car Detailing Cleaning Brush Set includes everything you need to clean your car from top to bottom. This set features a variety of brushes, all made of high-quality materials that are wear-resistant and heat-resistant, and easy to clean.

The set includes a 4PCs Medium Stiffness Electric Drill Brush Set, which is compatible with most cordless screwdrivers or drills. These brushes are suitable for cleaning car rims, and they are also an ideal choice for bathrooms, bathtubs, tiles, floors, sinks, corners, grills, and more.

The Car Detailing Brushes in this set are made of 100% natural bristles, which are ultra-soft and elastic, quickly attracting mini particles in narrow, deep, and small areas. The powerful plastic ferrule has high binding capacity, avoiding dropping bristles, and they are gentle enough for car interior cleaning, like dashboard, air vents, narrow crevices of leather seat, car window, interior, and exterior.

The set includes a Tire Brush, which is ultralight, strong, and easy to use, with no scratches leaving your tired, shining bright. Using the Wire Brush (made of 1 steel stainless brush, 1 brass brush, and 1 nylon brush) makes it easy to remove rust and clean delicate household appliances, while the brass brush is ideal for clean metal surfaces without scratching them.

The Tool Box is also included, providing everything you need to store your car wash kit, and making it a great gift for your family and friends.

This Value 27PCS-in-1 Car Detailing Kit includes everything you need to clean your car to perfection. With the car detailing drill brushes that come with 5 different stiffness and shapes, you can easily wash automotive exterior and interior surfaces. The polishing pads kit allows you to clean bathroom surfaces, wheels, shower, toilet, kitchen, bathtub, and carpet.

The 5 different sizes Car Detailing Brushes in this kit are perfect for small cracks, corners, lug nuts, wheels, vents, car seats, engine compartments, dashboards, signs, and more. The 3 pcs wire brushes of different materials address all your cleaning concerns.

This kit also includes an Air Vent Brush, Car Dash Duster, Wash Mitt, Wax Applicator, and Towels. The Car Vent Brush is soft and ergonomically designed for easy handling and brushing car Air Vents. The Car Dash Duster easily operates and fits comfortably in the hands, while the Microfiber Wash Mitt absorbs seven times its weight in water, with an internal waterproof design and elastic wrist cuff that keeps mitt in place on hand.

This car detailing kit is the ultimate collection of car wash supplies, perfect for cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, RVs, boats, wheels, tires, rims, spokes, grills, engine bays, exhaust tips, bumpers, inner fender, undercarriage, vents, and more. Owning a quality set of car wash brushes allows you to keep your car looking clean and new, and our Professional Car Detailing accessories make it easier than ever before.

Overall, the Professional Car Detailing accessories are a great addition to any car enthusiast’s collection. The ease of use and variety of materials make car cleaning a breeze, and the value kit offers everything you need to keep your vehicle looking like new. With this kit, who needs a professional car wash? You can easily do it yourself!

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